Thursday, November 12, 2009

What I want for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This picture is from nearly 13 years ago. My gosh they were and still are so cute!

The other day Britni tentatively told me their plans for the holidays. I was touched that she cared about my feelings but I was concerned about how nervous she was to tell me. I told her I know how difficult it can be to juggle the holidays and that it's OK.
Later the same day, I listened to Dr. Laura as I was driving in the car and something she said regarding something totally different touched me. I wanted to remember it and share it with my kids.
She said (or something like this), that the only thing that children owe their parents is to be the best people they can possibly be. She said that once they are married their loyalty should be to their spouse.
I believe that.
I appreciate so much that Britni was concerned about being fair but I don't want any of my kids stressing about if I will be mad or not. I want all of my children to know that I appreciate them thinking about spending time with us but I won't be mad if they spend time with their spouses family or spend time with themselves as a new family. I will miss them but I will understand.
They grow up so fast.
All I want IS for them to be the best selves they can be.


Vintage Creations said...

That photo is so cute! I love it.. it totally has a vintage feel with the film style.. so cute! :) I love this is so true.. and it's hard for anyone to see someone grow up and leave.. i'm still getting to the grow up part.. but i've had the same feeling about this with my family.. it's always tough.. but it really makes people grow and have stronger relationships when everything is in place..:) Cute blog! Keep blogging!

joanie said...

What wise words Cheryl. I will keep this all in mind for the future because it won't be long before I'm in your shoes. I feel so guilty myself if I don't get home for Christmas but going from the UK to the US is so expensive for four of us that it's increasingly difficult. But I never want my parents to resent me for moving so far away, nor resent my husband for bringing me here.
We balance it as best we can and though I know my parents understand, I still get feelings of guilt. As children (especially us girls) I think we just always want to please.