Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving.

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving.

One of the many blogs that I follow is Rockstar Diaries and she had this on her blog. Very sweet. And since this
is from Mormon Messages via Utube I figure I can put it on here too. It is just a link. I was having trouble with putting the screen etc. on here since 
I'm not very good at the technical stuff! 

I am thankful for my health (when I have it), for not having a headache, for most ; ) of my extended family, my dear goofy and hardworking husband, my fantastic and very human children, for their choices of a spouse and/or future spouse, a sweet living prophet, for scriptures to read and to learn from, for the freedom to go to church and to believe how I want, for Jesus Christ the Savior, for being able to move on with my life after I make mistakes, to be able to go to the grocery store and shop the many isles and choose fresh and not so fresh foods, a cool and interesting but oldish house with amazing views, new counter tops, dear friends, to be able to go to the movies, to be able to try to be creative, Diet Pepsi with just the right ice to crunch (yes, I know neither is healthy), dedicated Doctors that I can visit and get the help I need and help for my children, clean sheets, cars and trucks, gas at $2.59 a gallon today, snow but only for a short time, pristine blue skies, a gently rolling ocean in a beautiful tropical setting, the excitement of knowing that Jeff and I are going on an exciting Costa Rica trip in January to celebrate our 24th anniversary, to have Davis happy and smiling, to read a good book and to remember most of it, usually for animals (but I am getting so annoyed with our little Pappillion and then with the Sun Conure make such a ruckous), Sunny, the Sun Conure, was playing hide and seek in between the leaning pillows and laughing, then backing out as she waddles---we all were laughing, to have my children home--even if for but a moment, Jeff bought me dried mangoes, to feel joy and love........I AM thankful for so much. I have more than what I deserve, more than many people, even less than some have. I AM so grateful and will try to share my abundance even the not so abundant things in my life (like time and energy) with others around me. That's the real heart of the matter....what do I do next.... Well for tomorrow, we are eating a Turkey.......

Happy Thanksgiving!

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