Thursday, November 19, 2009

More old pictures.

This was the day that Sheyla, our oldest, was blessed at church. Family came over to my parents house after wards and we had a party.
This is Jeff's family. Jeff's maternal grandparents are standing beside me. They were very cute. Jeff's great grandfather is sitting on the chair. We happened to name our youngest after him. He was SO cute. He had the cutest sense of humor. At dinner he would say, "I'd like to take a pea, please" (asking for the peas). Silly. He played the violin, self taught. He had a girl friend in his 90's. He was darling. He almost died before we were married. Jeff's mother told her grandfather that he needed to get better to see us get married. So, he did.
He died a week and a half before Davis was born. Davis's first name is Oscar because of this sweet man.

These are my parents. Wow. Look how young they look! Look how handsome and young Jeff looks! Meow!

My sister Pam made this dress. She is very talented. Sheyla is darling! She is now 22 years old. At times, when she talks I can see the little girl in her. We really have cute kids! It really is hard to believe how fast the time has gone!

I know, we look very young because we were pretty young! But dang, we were cute!

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