Friday, November 20, 2009

Marine Reserves.

I don't know exactly how he managed this but Chris changed from full time Marines to Marine Reserves. However, I understand it.
Chris won't have to go to boot camp until March 22. He was going February 2. He get's married December 19 so he will have more time with his new bride. He will be a weekend warrior after that. He can still get called to go to Iraq or Afghanistan but he's less likely to go multiple times (or as many) and for as long as he would if he stayed a full time Marine.
Boot camp is three months long. Then he has specific training that takes 6 weeks (maybe more or less---I'm not sure exactly).
Chris had to be sworn in as a Marine Reserves. So I picked up Amanda on the way to Salt Lake.
I'm glad sweet Amanda came. She is going to be affected by him being a Marine more than anyone.
She really is sweet, bubbly and crazy about Chris.

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