Monday, January 4, 2010

Life catching up with me...

Jeff said I coughed much of last night. I feel it. I hope I'm not Typhoid Mary of the Open House. I washed my hands after every time I coughed in them (my hands that is). Really.
I took a truckload to the dump. Projects and cleaning over the last many months, Christmas, wedding Open House and life have a way of accumulating garbage. I loaded the truck all by my self and felt pretty macho slinging that garbage in a heap of a pile.
I bought "thank you" cards and a few gifts, picked up some medicine, got us lunch, dropped off Sheyla and picked up the meowing cat and stressed out dog.
I'm sick and tired and need a nap!

Should I start panicking now that Sheyla told me they may get married in three months?

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