Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pura Vida!

This is Lake Arenal, a man-made lake that is muy grande.

These are Howler monkeys jumping in the trees. Actually, they aren't super active but I just said that because of the 10 little monkeys jumping on the bed.

We stopped at a coffee place that, we are told, serves the best coffee in the world. We got Mango juice and Coca Cola Light. The mini bus was full of tourist, about 20 people, and we had fun getting to know people from Canada, Oklahoma, Chicago and other places.

These are Pisote, which are a part of the Racoon family but they mostly reminded me of cats. They are super cute. The bus driver pulled to the side of the road so we could see these up close. I never knew that they existed.
How cool are they!

We stopped in La Fortuna for lunch, a quaint town that is close to the Arenal Volcano.

This is a volcano but it was covered with clouds so we couldn't see any lava (which they say you can see at night).
We hiked in a lush green rainforest which was beautiful!
We soaked in hotsprings that looked like large black hot tubs that went up a hill and they were heated by the volcano! It was amazing! The tour guide told us that we looked 10 years younger! She says that to all the tourist.
It was heavenly!

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