Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tamarindo and Playa de Conchal.

On Tuesday, we were going to ride a public bus to Tamarindo but found out that there were only a few buses a day that went back and forth to where we wanted to go so we decided to go another day. We found a place that would take us for $20 and they told us we could go free if we attended a sales pitch. They said it wasn't the same as a time share but it really was. It was brutal for about 2 hours but we got free lunch and free tickets to go to the place where we really wanted to go. We were later told it could have taken us 6 hours just to ride the bus.

We then took a taxi to Playa de Conchal, a very beautiful and mostly secluded beach. It was a paradise!

We walked and walked and sat (in the shade), and basked in the beautiful vistas!

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