Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our house is a very very fine house...

My husband knew the moment he stepped into our house that this was the house for us.
He calls it "a National Treasure" because of how unique it is.
We bought our house in 2000 from the original owners and the house was built in 1979-1980. The man was a retired chemistry professor from the university and he was a master craftsman. He had an architect design it but he built everything in the house made of wood and there is a lot of wood. Yes, that is a long skylight with doors to close but I love to keep them open.
We feel very lucky to have found this house. It has been a great house to continue to raise our four children and from which, three of them will have flown the nest (all three married in 8 months---by the way, and the third by this March 20).

I should have cleaned the house more, posting pictures and all, but that's just the way it is sometimes.
This is the front door with very cool windows above the door.
Amazing house (except when we have problems with the heating/plumbing system and sometimes we have a lot of problems---which means I have memorized the plumbers phone number---and the old industrial carpet and the ceiling tiles downstairs that are stained because of said issues with plumbing and heat and the unfinished parts of the house and the storage area that we have had problems with and the roof above the garage just got fixed but there are other roof issues and the wall board in the garage is falling apart because of the leaking issues and the old flooring in many rooms and the master bathroom tile needs replacing etc etc's not perfect but it's still a neat-o house and it's been fun to fix-up and replace things albeit at a very slow pace---that's our life---and it's ok because I still feel fortunate to live here).

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Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Your home has some beautiful features - lucky you!