Tuesday, May 11, 2010


There is one thing about following blogs: 
  that you find more blogs to follow.
There are a lot of fascinating and talented people out there!

One blog that I recently found is called 
one woman's view...
She recently wrote an amazing tribute to her mother,
who is loving, tenacious, talented 
and all those things that I would 
love to be.
 Jeanne writes so beautifully
that instantly she brought
her mother to life 
on a page.
For some reason Jeanne found me
and sweetly wrote me a note.
 Today she talked about
Happiness Moments
and mentioned me (among four other people).

What an honor!
One of the great things about having a blog 
is that it does remind me of reasons to be 

So here is my list of things that make me happy:
(not in order of importance or inclusiveness)

Seeing the beauty of the Earth.
Not just the spectacular places
but I love seeing 
 a flower in the garden,
a deer in the valley below us
or a colorful sunset in the distance.
It really is all spectacular!

Being with Jeff.
It doesn't have to be in a tropical setting (although that makes me happy too),
it can be walking down the street,
going to lunch,
or just holding hands on the couch.
My family.
I love the talking, laughing or even the silence,
when they are around.

The good things about having animals.
They can bring such love and laughter to a home.

Making friends and having friends.
Getting an unexpected compliment.

The fact that Jeff will go to the store for me 
and buy anything I ask.

Having a project turn out better than expected.

Having something good to look forward to.
Like a trip,
 a lunch out,
a good book,
a fun movie, 
a project
or peace and quiet.

Knowing that I can do better tomorrow
and try again.

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Jeanne said...

Wonderful! I love your list Cheryl. Thank you for your very kind words and I am glad you had a chance to create this list. It is a great reminder to look for the good in life :)