Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love this book.

I am working on this bag.
It's taking me weeks because I don't have much time to work on it (and I want it done soon).
It's also harder than other projects because I traced the pattern onto tissue paper and pinned it onto the felt and I am embroidering on top of the tissue paper.
I hope that works.
I also want to make three new i-pod holders in the next week.
I also need to work on painting the house.
Yes, I have not completed the job yet.
I really haven't done much (about finishing painting the house, that is, because I am doing plenty about lots of things!).
I did make my third trip this week, up to Salt Lake City to move things into her new apartment and setting things up.
It's looking so cute.
She isn't moving until Friday because the room mates won't be there till Friday and she was anxious to be up there by her self and I didn't want her by herself either!
It's been a great workout with weights (as in lifting furniture and moving furniture).
I'm even stronger than she is (I had to move the tv and do some other dirty work that she didn't want to do).

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