Monday, May 10, 2010


It's breathtaking how green it is outside our windows.
This doesn't do justice to the green that is streaming through our banks of windows throughout our home.

These last two are from my back porch.
It's raining today so it will even be more green in the days to come.
I love it!
One of my sisters sent my mother these beautiful flowers, but times twenty, for Mother's Day.
My mother gave me this one strand.

This one is a little put out and jealous.
But she's still our little girl.
I know, she's a dog.
Our baby is a 6 foot 3 inch, shoe size 14 wearing, 16 year old, still growing boy.
Let us have our fun.

And we ARE having fun with this 2.6 pound fluff ball of cuteness!
Still, so sweet.
Even though we now have several wet spots scattered around the house.


Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

You love somewhere absolutely beautiful! Your views! So glad to find your blog. Hope you are well and had a great Mother's Day. Talk soon.

angela | the painted house said...

Gorgeous views, Cheryl! And such cute pups, too. :)

Thank you for stopping by The Painted House and leaving a comment. I appreciate it!