Monday, May 17, 2010


Sheyla and I made two trips up to Salt Lake City today.
The second trip was to move a load up for Family Home Evening.
We made her bed and met a neighbor
who wanted us to feed a cat 
that was left by the previous tenant.

Look what's down the street from her cute new apartment.
I wouldn't choose yellow tile for a bathroom but I love this combination and love the border tile.
There's a cute and tiny kitchen WITH a tiny closet with a
built-in ironing board.

Neat old fashioned door knobs.
A beautiful glass door knob.
There are only two three-pronged plugs in the entire
two bedroom apartment.
There are beautiful old squeaky wood floors throughout the apartment
(except the kitchen and bathroom).
She is very excited to move in.
I'm excited for her.


my very own self said...

i didn't know sheyla was moving to salt lake! is she going to school up there? and is she living with a friend? her apartment looks darling:)

Jeanne said...

First apartment? Nothing like it!! Very cute and you are spot on with the door knobs, I would have done the same!


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I think it is very charming - she'll remember it forever!