Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Three of these things belong together....Three of these things are kind of the same...

I have about 6 different pairs of this style of shoe.
They are cheap, cute and comfy.

It's official.
Something is wrong with my brain.

You are seeing correctly.
This is exactly what I saw last night as I was taking off my shoes.
After going with my family to two stores and a yogurt shop (maybe I wore them all day---I really don't know---I take my shoes off and put them on many times during the day)!

It made me laugh out loud!

Lessons learned:

Don't leave three pairs of shoes close to the bed.
Pay attention when putting on shoes (or clothes, for that matter----who knows what I've been wearing).
Get eyes checked (actually it wasn't that long ago and other than needing reading glasses, my eyes are pretty good--maybe I really do need an MRI).
No one pays attention to what I wear, so it really doesn't matter any way!

This opens up so many possibilities!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is nothing. I once went all day with my shirt bottoned up wrong and not one person in my family told me about it....Your right it does make you laugh when you finally do notice it.