Friday, October 1, 2010


I absolutely LOVE flowers on a coffee table.
I bought some sweet roses for the baby shower
(and that puppy is pretty cute).

I am so relieved:
I am done painting
(well, the walls in the 
front room anyway.
There are more walls
I will have to 
tackle soon 
and at least I won't 
have to risk my life
to paint the sun room).
The baby shower is over
(although I was 
very happy to 
have one for my cute
it was very stressful).
Jeff is home 
from his trip
(he rarely travels 
but this week 
was one very stressful week
for him to be gone).
Chris and Amanda
moved into their
own apartment
(even though 
I love them both,
I think
it's vital for them
to have their own place
and it's an
adorable two bedroom 
place at that!
Of course,
a room for the baby
made me want 
to jump for joy!).

There's still stress:
We are moving Sheyla back home
because of the horrible 
(threatening of life---thing)
room-mate debacle.
Sheyla's school situation
has to change too.
Keeping Davis healthy
and in one piece.
Life can be stressful!

But today
is a good day!

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