Friday, October 1, 2010

Thank goodness it's Friday!

I couldn't have made it through the week
without the sweet help
from Britni 
(she came over one evening 
and dusted all those bookshelves,
folded laundry,
bathed both dogs
and did the dishes.
It was
one of the sweetest, 
most helpful, 
time saving 
and stress reducing things
she could have ever done for me).
And Adam is so good to Britni
and is working so hard in school.
Did I say how good
he is to Britni?
And Sheyla:
Even though
she has been busy
with school 
and dealing with a 
horrifying situation
she helped me
move furniture
and she put her stuff away
(and she played the piano
and sang
for the first time
in ages
which always
makes me happy).
And Chris and Amanda:
They are working hard
to be independent
(and she's having my first Grandchild
which is pretty amazing
and spectacular).
And Davis:
His perseverance
is always an inspiration to me.
And Jeff:
He hung pictures,
put up lights,
moved ladders
and continued to work hard
through it all
(all while not feeling well).
I know, there's always tomorrow 
and next week may be 
pretty stressful too
(Jeff's having surgery
and we still have to work
on Sheyla's 
But for this
I'm going to be happy! 

There's no place like home!  

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