Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh, those Autumn days...

These photos were from two weeks ago.
Where did Autumn go?
Snow yesterday and today!
I had so much fun today 
going to stores and a printing shop.
Making patterns for flowers.
Buying vintage fabric
for burp cloths
or whatever else I want 
to try to make.
I also bought a few used 100% wool 
(and one used 100% cashmere) sweaters
and one used 100% wool orange skirt
($3 to $5 each!).
I want to make flowers, 
a Halloween pillow,
a skull purse 
and other fun stuff.
I got to go to lunch with Britni!
I picked up Davis from his friends house.
Listened to Sheyla's music.
Laundry. Dishes.
Talked with Chris a bit while he
did three big loads of laundry
(oh, he is so tired with that cute new baby).
Hung out with Jeff 
while he elevates his foot
and falls asleep quickly
(so much energy
needed to heal).
The three of us read together tonight
--not without drama--
(we just finished the B of M
I just finished my third flower!
So much I want to do
and so much I need to do!
 Where DOES the time go!

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