Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Jeff broke his ankle twice on his mission,
many, many years ago.
It's gotten so much worse over the years
and frequently his ankle "goes out".
He could hardly walk
without his ankle twisting
and hurting.
he had surgery 
last night
to fix it.
The orthopedic surgeon 
said it was the worst ankle 
he's ever worked on.
Jeff's tendons
were almost non existent.
Paper thin and non-functional.
They had to use
a cadaver tendon
to help keep his ankle
in place.
When I think of where it came from,
it touches my very soul
that someone donated 
their organs
and other tissue 
to help someone
they don't even know.
It's not a heart
nor a kidney 
or other vital organ
but to Jeff
in the very near future
it will mean more freedom
of movement and
less pain
and will be 
a gift we will
always remember.
Thank you.

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