Friday, October 29, 2010

Flowers and birthdays!

I made some flowers!
I also made the patterns!
With help from flower punches
(I bought the punch
and traced the paper flower)
and the guy at the print shop
(who was amazing 
and made the patterns on the computer
and only charged me $.77 for the copies.
JMart Printing in Spanish Fork!
Go! They are very good!)

This is my favorite!
It reminds me of a Chrysanthemum.
Which, by the way, was a favorite children's book of ours.

Happy Birthday today
to my "little" sister Melissa!
I hope you have a spectacular day!

Monday was my amazing
Mother-in-law's birthday!

The 14th was one of my "older"
sister's birthday too!

A cute and grown up niece was on the 4th.

Another adorable niece on the 26th.

My dear son-in-law's on the 9th.

Right in the middle of those.
(how cool is that!)
Little Rian 
was born. 

Who shares a birthday with
a cute teenage nephew!

A pretty great month to have a birthday!

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