Friday, October 8, 2010

Now that's a Calzone!

Remember this new book.
I tried a new recipe.

I made Cowboy Calzones.
Don't they look pretty?
I wanted to save money 
and so I didn't buy a can of Rotel.
I used plain tomatoes
with onion and garlic.
I think the missing peppers
is exactly what it lacked.
My bad.

Jeff is often in pain
and has had to stay in bed
(doctors orders)
for 96% of his days
since the surgery.
I bring him meals in bed
but I'm not very fancy 
or creative
with food.
There is some mint
from our garden 
as garnish for the fruit
and that is 
vanilla yogurt with honey
for a fruit dip.
That's as fancy as it gets!
Martha Stewart I am not!

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