Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family pictures...

Remember that I finished painting.
Well, it meant that I had to do something different with the family pictures.

I'm pleased with how this little wall turned out.
Plenty of room for
(first one due this Friday)
hand prints,
on purpose,
and on paper!
Not happy with this wall.
So off to Walmart
(twice yesterday and once today),
three vintage stores 
and a floral shop
for frames and copies of pictures
(It's not that Walmart is my favorite store
it's that we live so dang far away
from much else).
 I'm mostly happy with it.
A couple of the frames still need pictures.
I maintain the right to make changes 
as I deem necessary.
Just so you know.
Here's part of the bigger wall
(waiting for more pictures).
For now.
It'll do.

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