Thursday, December 8, 2011

Word Art Done!

The ever amazing Matthew Heller.

Word art by Sweetie Pie Style, Jackie.
I was really inspired by a post by Sweetie Pie Style back in August.
The first picture on my post and hers is from the amazing artist Matthew Heller.
 Jackie from Sweetie Pie Style painted her own lovely quote for her wall.
I was also inspired by this post on the ever so striking blog Trendey.
The art by Jimmie Carlsson (or Martin) is graphic and oh so cool.
I also saw Alisa Burkes post of her word art
and was floored by it's simplicity and boldness
but I tried to free hand my word art and it sucked. 

This picture is of course, the before. It makes me so embarrassed. The art is from Kmart. It's been screaming "do something" for years and so I finally did.
I LOVE it!
 I've been side tracked by other projects and life since August.
 I have been working on this for weeks and weeks.
I finally finished my word art and i am so excited to have it done!
I outlined the words first with a stencil from Walmart and then painted the words.
Sheyla, our oldest, helped a little and I loved the company.
The other day she asked me about the choice of song or something like that
(Billy Joel, groovy kind of love, 1988---we were married in 1986)
and I told her that it wasn't really our song
(we haven't had one but maybe now we do)
but I just liked it (it has the word groovy; what's not to love) and
I loved the topography of the words and the boldness of the black and white.
I continued to say that marriage is hard work
(in the spirit of full disclosure)
and that we don't always have a groovy kind of love 
but it's the ideal and what I aim and shoot for.
She quickly replied, "I think you have a groovy kind of love".
That's the nicest thing she could say to me!
We do!

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Kim K. said...

It's absolutely perfect on that wall. You must be so proud. Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog, Cheryl. I'm ready to start enjoying the holiday season after so much "life" this past week.