Friday, December 9, 2011

Word Art Tweaking.

Before. Well, yesterday. Before today.


You may not even notice but I changed three things
(not all painting related)
and I feel much better with the world.

I am now free to enjoy Christmas 
but where did the time go!

Here are some things I loved this week:
I love this house! The branch with the ornaments, LOVE!
LOVE the O'Holy Night word art. 
I love this art.
Jingle Balm. Brilliant. Photos of kids. So Adorable!
I LOVE this advent!
Guess who's going to her concert? (two big thumbs pointing to me!) This girl!
Can't get this out of my mind.


Kim K. said...

Ok. I tried, Cheryl. Aside from the footstool and the reflection of the lights in the photo, not sure what else is different. I kept scanning the top of the cabinet. You'll have to give some hints (hee hee).

Cheryl G. said...

That made me laugh and then I felt bad to waste any of your precious time!
Other than the lighting which I didn't count as one of the three things (but clever girl, nonetheless).
The bottom right corner I changed. It's hard to even see it in the pictures. Originally I painted j + c but I didn't like it so I added a g after both initials. Then the + was skeewampous so I just had to change it again. So I painted over the + and changed it to a heart. I really like how it turned out.
I did add the little stool. I got it at Savers for $12 and loved the retro vibe of it.
I moved the bird houses up forward but it was so inconsequensal that I almost just said two changed but technically I changed three (but four with the lighting, well I vacuumed too) and I didn't want to lie.
All silly and a waste of any ones time!