Thursday, December 22, 2011

Give-away winner! That's me!

Less than two weeks ago I entered and WON
a give-away from the ever so talented Musings from Kim K. 
(see my proof of winning here---it made me so happy!)
Yesterday I finally was able to get out to pick up
my special Christmas package from the Post Office.
Everything from the wrapping of the box 
(complete with darling stamped Christmas picture)
to the packaging of each and every item 
was a complete delight!

It was Christmas cheer in a box!
Thank you Kim K.!

The internet can be very impersonal but occasionally you can find a real friend.
Kim K. has hundreds of followers and it seems she is friends to all of them.

She found absolutely the best vintage find.
She found this cute wooden dollhouse for $10 and fixed it up super duper cute!
One of her lucky adorable daughters is getting this for Christmas!
Look here to see her sweet "how to"
for an adorably cute Walnut Cradle Ornament.

Thank you Kim K. for making my Christmas brighter!

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Kim K. said...

I always love finding good homes with my Kim K. creations!