Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just another day.

I'm so glad for the blue skies
other wise I could be pretty sad because of how cold it is.
Sheyla has shown small signs of improvement and I do emphasize the word small.
She hasn't had any seizures during the day for some time
but she feels as if she is having seizures most nights.
She doesn't have an external brain or anything.
It's just an ambulatory 24 hour EEG.
Someone in the neurologist office said my shoes were cool.
They ARE cool!
Remember, even though I consider myself to be such a big dork,
I can be pretty cool at times (hence the shoes).
I am so close to being done with my word art.
It makes me happy to work on something creative
even though there's not any signs of Christmas at our house yet
(although I did get my five handmade gift exchange boxes out yesterday).
I usually wait till after the early December birthday to get out Christmas decorations
(even though the birthday boy doesn't even live with us
now that he is grown up, married and with one baby girl).
Ok. It's just an excuse. 
We did get out to the mall last night and see Santa from a distance
(it still makes me happy to see him even if no one else wants to).
That wasn't the reason why we went to the mall.
 I keep asking the kids if they want to get a picture with Santa when we see him
(it's just so fun to see their reaction)
and they keep saying no.

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