Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Nothing says, "It's almost Christmas!"
like a flood in the basement.
At least someone else gets to clean it.
At least we have mostly tile floor in our basement.
At least there are just two area rugs ruined 
and I get to pick out two new rugs.
At least we can use my parents showers who live only a few miles away.
At least I have my tree up and I dropped the dream of strung popcorn garland
(I was going for simplicity but realized that it wasn't so simple).
At least it wasn't worse,
it could have been a foot of water instead of just a couple of inches.
At least the plumbers and the clean up crew are here at the same time.
This means we are going out to dinner tonight!
At least our life isn't boring.
How fun would that be!

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

Thinking of you and hoping that dinner out was very good. You've earned it!!