Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mindy Gledhill Concert.

 At the cool and hip Velour in Provo
 we heard an amazing 13 year old Faith Johnson belt her heart out,
we heard the soulful sounds of Ryan Innes

 and got to hear and see the beautiful and lovely Mindy Gledhill.
 It was such a great and fun concert.

 She had her third baby in August!

Sheyla wasn't feeling up to going.
My cute daughter-in-law came 
and Britni's husband came as a late substitution.
Britni has loved Mindy ever since she came out with her first album.
Mindy graciously took pictures with us. 
Look she has her hand on Britni's back.
New BFF.
I'm not posting my picture with her
because it just shows how freakishly large my head is
although, Mindy is lovely and has her hand on my back!

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