Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a desktop and three poems.

Months and months ago when Davis was recovering from foot surgery
and he was so very bored
we went to DI (a thrift store) to look and see what we could find.
We found an old orange and white iMac.
Davis was excited to see if he could get it to work.
Get it to work he did 
and he has wanted to sell it ever since.
We came up with a plan last week
and yesterday he cleaned his desk 
(I got years ago from the same place for $15 and painted it black)
and computer in his room
and I took some pictures and posted it on an online classified ad.
Let the phone calls begin!
Here are three of Davis's poems that he recently wrote.
Occasionally he will write poems just to write
or to make up songs.
It's good for him to write some of his deepest thoughts.
He amazes me every day.

Can't see the forced hands upon my eyes
Truth cannot be touched by a living Animal
But ways to get over the fight
inside of me
can result in misery.

My battered bones crushed from a heavy weight
cannot be replaced by a single toothpick
Not a single person knows the way I think
I can't show my sorrows expression
to endredful pain in my chest

Trying to talk with gesture
from my hands to toes
can't prove a message that I'm not prepared.

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Kim K. said...

What a very special young man.