Monday, November 21, 2011

New Pillows.

A little less than 2 years ago I covered some pillows for our window seat.
So two years ago! 
I was itch'n for some new ones
and so I went to Target (bought 3) and Pier One
(that's where I got the two on the far right)
and kept two old black and white ones from Ikea.
I really love them all!
I actually kept all the pillows and put them downstairs
(that will be another project...someday).
The turkey pillow I made a while ago but I doubt I could find the post about it
but you can find the place I got the free pattern here.
She is one of my favorite on-line artist.
Now I will have to come up with something new 
for the long art on the sides of the window seats
(but using the same boards and coming up with something to paint myself.
Pinwheel painting stuff here).
I may have to get my new staple gun 
out to recover the dining chairs right next to the window seat!
Oh, the projects keep coming!
Bring it on!

Here are some things I found:
 The cutest things here and here.

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Kim K. said...

Such a fun place to sit! Your pillows are delightful. Happy soon-to-be Thanksgiving! Bring on the projects!