Monday, November 28, 2011

Lunch and magic.

Jeff and I try to go out to lunch every week on Monday.
Sometimes we have to change the day of the week.
Sometimes it just doesn't work out
but we keep on trying because it may be the only chance we get to go out.
Last week we went out on Wednesday for lunch.
There was no school so Davis came with us
and Britni was able to meet us there.
We went to Marley's in the Provo Riverwoods
(they have one in the ultra cool and recycled Harley Davidson place in Lindon too).
They mostly have sliders and we have gone there a few times.
I had the pulled Turkey slider with avocado, lettuce, tomato, onions and mushrooms.
I also had the side salad but made Jeff order the large string french fries so we could share.
Britni had the grilled chicken. 
Davis had the Filet Mignon.
Right in front of the place is a Zoltar fortune telling machine.
Just like in the Movie Big (1988 Tom Hanks classic).
None of us have turned back to being a kid
(well sometimes we may act like kids)
but I always love going out to lunch!
It really is magic.

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