Monday, March 22, 2010

Being featured and a change of pace (once again).

I have a flickr account in which I have posted a few random pictures that I have taken in the last year (maybe not that long).
A little while back someone asked if they could feature my home on their blog. Go check it out here.
Scary but fun!
Ok. So one of the many silly things about this is that this weekend we made a couple changes in our house because of the family dinner on Saturday.

Here is a before (I love this picture because of the cat ---those animals follow me most anywhere and I like the quirkiness of everything):
After (I had Jeff buy flowers for the party---flowers for an almost soldier and I love flowers!):
Here is another before:
Here is the after:
We changed things around because 1. I wanted to 2. We were going to have 13 people for dinner and the large table could fit only 10. So we switched tables and added one of the long 8 foot tables to form a T and we fit 13 comfortably. 3. The table that was in the eat-in area of the kitchen was big for the smallish area and now with the sides down of the "big" table it fits better. 4. We usually only have 3 or 4 people at most meals (because kids are growing up) and we don't need as big of a table in the kitchen. 5. Oh, about 4 more reasons but mainly because I can and Jeff helped me.

That's the fun of moving things around. Adds spice to life for free!

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