Thursday, March 25, 2010

cute felt i-pod holder.

This cat has a new favorite spot to take a nap, my pile of felted wool.
My first 100% wool felt project finished.
I just placed my i-pod on the material, measured, added some extra, and cut one long piece.
The first piece wasn't big enough.
I cut one more long piece and worked from there.
I've seen these flowers on a few blogs. It's genius really. Not my genius.  I am just copying.
I cut up random circles (not perfect) out of the lining of one of the wool skirts I felted. I used a candle and held the piece of material about 4 inches or so above the flame and gently turned the piece of material as the edges melts a little (this can cause a flame and fire so you must be very careful--fire danger--but it's quite fun and it makes it look kind of like rose petals).
I gave this to Sheyla.
I'm going to make lots as gifts!
Maybe one for myself too!
What fun!

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Joy said...

That is very cute, how creative! Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.