Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chick Days...

Every year around this time Cal Ranch has something called Chick Days.
They sell baby chickens, roosters, ducks etc.
They are so adorable!
We ate at a nearby Subway for dinner and then we all walked over to see the Chicks.
They are so cute.
All that chirping. All those huddled masses. All that hopping. All those tiny feathers.
A few years ago we made the mistake of buying some chickens.
One turned out to be a rooster that grew to be 29 pounds.
One morning, after I had worked a 12 hour shift at the hospital, I went to feed the chickens. The rooster was so mean, he came and tried to peck at my legs. I ran a little ways up a little dirt driveway and the rooster followed me squawking the whole time. As he came and tried to peck at my legs again, I screamed and ran back to the same door (at the back of the house) and found out the door was locked.
I had my nightgown on.
So, I had to run around to the front door with the rooster running after me squawking the whole time.
It was a monster.
Needless to say, we gave them all away.
It was an experiment gone awry.
I still think they are cute as babies.
I love to go see them.
Jeff was worried about me. He thought I'd cave and want some cute little chicks.
They look so cute and innocent now.
But don't let that sweet innocence fool you.
They turn into something else when they grow and they are very very messy!
I've learned my lesson: Some people can handle chickens well and some people can't.
I'm not much of a country girl and I know I can't have chickens (or roosters).

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Anonymous said...

I am a country girl that lived in the city, now we have 8 chickens all I raised but two, they were rescued and it took almost six months of them running from me to see i bring them goodies everyday. And we got lucky all were females and no roosters but we sure love the eggs.