Monday, March 8, 2010

The zoo and more bravery.

I've been wanting to see this adorable baby elephant ever since I've seen videos of her when she was just about a month old.
So today we finally went to the zoo!
She is sooooo cute!

This bird was walking where she wasn't supposed to walk.
Beautiful tigers.
A baby giraffe!
Sheyla was brave last night and broke it totally off with "what's his name".
He happened to call on our way home from the zoo.
I overheard the conversation (and she later clarified it for me too).
They talked for a little while and then...
Him: "Your parents hate me don't they."
Sheyla: "They don't hate you. They just say I can do better...."
Me:  I gave her a thumbs up and we both laughed.
They will remain friends because that's how Sheyla rolls.
But I have decided to shun him.

(p.s. I am really kidding about the shun thing. We watch the office in this home and if you do too, you will understand. I totally could see myself waving my hand and saying "un-shun"---if I ever saw "what's his name".
I do believe in forgiveness. My daughter is worried about me. I can and will forgive. I just don't have to be his friend on facebook.)

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