Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Boxmaker's Son.

I belong to a book club in my community that meets every other month. I meet with them almost each time they meet. I offered to host one of the groups. This Friday is the day I host a book (not necessarily of my choosing because I hadn't read it but I had read another of this authors books and heard that this one is a good book).  I recently just realized that book club was this week and I just started the book yesterday. I read for part of today and finished.
Luckily the book is not big and is easy to read.
It's very good and I cried.
It's about a man that writes about his life in Oregon growing up. It is mostly about the goodness of his father and what an example of life he was to him and to everyone. His father didn't have a college degree and was a boxmaker. He takes his job as a father seriously and works hard to provide for his family. He is a good and kind man.
This author writes so well.
It's magic.
The story is so touching. It reminded me of my own father. Hardworking, kind and willing to do anything for anyone and does. He is a very good man.
It also reminds me of my own husband. He is a good father. A very good man.
A sweet and touching story.
Now I'm ready for book club.
Bring it on.

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