Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cat and shun and unshun.

Our cat is silly and likes to climb.

I tried to have this post on Friday but hit the wrong button, then I deleted it but it shows only sometimes (oh, I can't even think of where it shows and where it doesn't, anyway, it's crazy and here it is again for Fridays sake).

Have a great weekend!

I will tell you a secret next week.

I wrote on a post this week about us going to the zoo and mentioning about Sheyla's awesome  comment to the boy that she is no longer engaged to.

I said that I decided to shun him and yesterday I put on a post script on that post but I will put it on here too, in case you didn't read it. This is what I said:

(p.s. I am really kidding about the shun thing. We watch The Office in this home and if you do too, you will understand. I totally could see myself waving my hand and saying "un-shun"---if I ever saw "what's his name".
I do believe in florgiveness. My daughter is worried about me. I can and will forgive.  I really don't hate him and Sheyla really CAN do better. I just don't have to be his friend on facebook.)

Ok. I just did it again. I was going to have this post on Friday and I pressed the wrong button, again!
Oh well!

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