Saturday, September 3, 2011

I really really went!

I was determined to get Sheyla out of the house
and have some fun too!
She hadn't been out of the house since Tuesday.
Britni met us for part of the show.
Three bands played and I loved them all!
A mix of Amy Winehouse and Duffy
with a boy mixed in.
They both play the drums. 
I loved that.
This is a brother and sister band.
Really great!
I don't normally like rap
but they were lots of fun!
Oh they were so much fun
and really really amazing!
I got their CD for $5!
Love it!

I may be a little cooler than I appear.
I've tried to tell my kids that for years
but they are not convinced!
Although, if you have to say it
I don't know if it makes it so.
I even think I forgot myself.
So, I'll say it to myself
and anyone else who will listen!
Yeah, I'm pretty much cool.

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Kim K. said...

Looks like a perfect night for a concert. Good for you for taking your daughter out of the evening. I hope when Emma is older she'll want to be seen with her mother for outdoor concerts (hee hee).