Monday, September 19, 2011

The bright side of BYU's game.

Even though the score was 10-54
and it was one of the worst games of ALL TIME
I enjoyed myself
(way more than Jeff).
1.  I don't get to go to football games very often 
because Davis hates to go to the games
(it's way too loud and there are way too many people)
and he can't stay home by himself
(we got grandpa to stay with him this time).
2. I got to go to dinner with Jeff before the game
(what's not to love about that).
3. Britni and Adam came too.
 I loved talking with Britni
(we got 4 season tickets and we plan on having different
people go with Jeff to the games
we have three other children---two of whom have spouses
and Grandpa will have to go too--at least once
and Jeff has lots of friends that love to go too).
4. The sunset was breathtakingly beautiful.
5. They gave everyone a white fluffy pom pom
(yeah, that was fun)!

Poor, poor Jeff.

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

Yippee for pom poms! Looks like a fun "date" night...despite the score.