Friday, September 30, 2011


picture taken two years ago with my phone.

  •   Yesterday Davis had his very first gold panning club meeting that he was in charge. I bought some pay dirt and we both put them in little bags and securely closed them so everyone would have a chance to practice gold panning. I took him to school with all of his supplies--a bucket-like container for water, the little bags of dirt, tiny vials for the high school kids in the club (11 came), a few tiny pipettes, tweezers, and three gold pans (they could each take turns). He has been so excited about this club but also, so very anxious. Sometimes he shows such bravery in some things he does that it touches me deeply to my very core.
  •   Yesterday I exercised for nearly 50 minutes in the morning and then I had the most energy I've had in a very long time till I crashed and burned past every one's bedtime.
  • Yesterday we met adorable Britni ( she is loving college and her husband) for lunch ( I love going to lunch). We met right across the street from the hospital and right before Sheyla had her second MRI (the day before she had her permanent retainers removed). They are also making adjustment to her medicine that will take three more weeks to complete. Hopefully, this will help her to feel better, have an appetite, be able to have a life and be happy (she has no energy, is very tired and feels sick much of the day).
  • Yesterday I worked on four projects, cleaned and vacuumed some of the house and even made dinner. Why yes. I do deserve a medal.
  • Little Miss Sunshine and her cute family came to visit and brought sunshine, smiles and laughter to all our souls.
  • Yesterday we watched XFactor. I really love that show. There are so many talented and many not so talented people on that show. I loved the 14 year old (from Wednesday) that sang a Justin Beiber song who blew everyone away. Wow. There was one tryout that made me cry. Andy Silikovitz is 45 and came with his mother. He obviously has some issues of his own but he wanted to try out. So he sang Hero by Mariah Carey. He sang his heart out. Badly. But it didn't matter. He sang and sang. I pictured Davis one day in the future and those words, the spirit of that little man and the audience clapping and cheering for him made me cry, lots of tears. Boy, that felt good.

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Kim K. said...

Yesterday sounded like a full and blessed-filled day. May many more days like that head your way!!