Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Look who got her braces off!

Ta Da!
Yes. She is 24 years old.
Sometimes that's what happens to oldest children.
They sometimes have to get braces later.
That's just the way it goes some times.
But wow, don't her teeth look great!
She is still struggling with her health.
Although the doctors office told me that her MRI was normal,
we've been told since then by the doctor and PA
that it may not be completely normal and
because of her braces that causes distortion in the MRI
she will need to have another one
(and they will repeat her EEG).
Which isn't very comforting or reassuring.
They are also trying to get the right medication
and they are playing around with them
to get things just so
(the brain is a tricky organ and isn't always cooperative
or does it always behave the way it's told).
So, she doesn't feel well often and doesn't get out often.
We are praying for the doctors to know what to do
and that they can find answers 
and that Sheyla can respond well to the medication
and be well and happy.

Please, pray for her too.

Have you seen this?
I am amazed at this.
A bunch of people in Northern Utah lifted a car to rescue 
a motorcyclist who crashed into and under a car.
The motorcycle burst into flames and the car started to burn
but these people after realizing the man was underneath the car,
lifted the car with their bare hands and pulled this man from underneath.
The man is expected to be ok, although he looks lifeless in the video.
He had many broken bones and abrasions.
They upgraded his condition in the hospital
(according to recent news reports).
People can be amazing!

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Kim K. said...

Congratulations to your daughter's new brace-free smile. I'm sorry that she continues to have health concerns. Prayers coming from West MI. Please tell her.

PS. My husband showed me that video while I was cooking dinner this evening. I was wiping away tears on my apron. Amazing. Simply amazing.