Thursday, September 15, 2011

Burp cloths and neighbors.

I have a sweet neighbor that gave our daughter-in-law a present
when she had her baby nearly 11 months ago.
She adds some material to cloth diapers in the cutest way
and gives these personalized burp cloths as gifts for new babies.
I have been wanting to know how she does it ever since.
Yesterday, she graciously had me over to her house to show me.
I brought along some cloth diapers I bought from K-mart
and some material I gathered from my house
that I bought from a darling near-by fabric shop, months ago.
My neighbor is a beautiful, multi-talented and young mom of four adorable boys
(the youngest being about 10 weeks old).
She showed me how to cut the pieces of material, just so 
and fold the edges and pin them, just so
and sew along the edges, just so
and iron and fold them, just so.
I gratefully brought four finished burp cloths home
and found a big brown silky ribbon
(from a purchased blanket long time ago)
and tied a sweet bow, just so.

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

Your creation looks like a beautiful box from Tiffany's. What a special neighbor. What a special gift.