Friday, September 2, 2011

The face of bravery.

Davis had the idea to start a gold panning club at his high school.
Today is club rush day and he has been so excited for today.
One of the Teachers Aide agreed to be the club advisor.
Davis made the posters.
Davis planned what he would bring.
He has been planning and talking about this day for two weeks.
He was so excited that he set up an hour early.
He asked me to bring him Subway for lunch early
(I don't usually bring him lunch but today was special).
He was the very first one to set up.

The special school program he is in transferred to a new school this year.
He has all new teachers. 
A whole new school.
All new students (except for the few that came over with him).
Most kids would be anxious at such an undertaking.
School has only been going for two weeks
but these two weeks have been almost too hard for him to bear.
I talked with his school counselor
twice on Monday and they took him out of two of the hardest classes
and put him back into his special core class for one and next door for the other one.
He is so much happier.

This is the face of bravery and excitement!

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Kim K. said...

Praying for a good school year. I hope he gets lots of friends interested in his gold mining club. He's definitely a brave young man.