Monday, February 13, 2012

The day after a snow storm and other thoughts.

A beautiful blanket of snow slammed into our mountain yesterday.

Today I was expecting a quiet hibernation of sorts.
I expected to have the dryer fixed today 
and work on the loads and loads of laundry 
of all the fabric-like items
from our mostly-done construction zone of a basement.
But our dryer died on Thursday
and I was told today that it will take about 5 days to get the part they need.
I also expected to have the last part of construction all finished and done.
One more day they say.
And our refrigerator is loudly chug-chug-chugging along.
No ice has come from that machine for weeks and
I got a call today that my child has run away from his internship.
What should they do?
I couldn't get a hold of him
and thought of all the possibilities.
They called not much later 
to tell me they had to call security
and a police car picked him up
and will I come and pick him up.
This boy who has been complaining more and more
of hearing voices, seeing shadows and of ideas that won't let up.
This boy that asked for help
but felt unsafe, overwhelmed, and out of control.
This boy walked.
He should have consequences of not following rules,
not being cooperative, and being ornery.
This boy needs that and so much more.
The earliest doctors visit is Thursday.
If you can drive to Salt Lake City.
I would drive to Timbuktu to get him some help, I say.
He fell asleep on the couch as we waited for his father
and after he worked on project after project
and he watched some tv.
We went out as a family to walk the mall and get something to eat
(I actually had something planned to make for dinner
but after some tears and deep breaths I
wanted to get out of the warm, cozy house 
that's buried deep in that snow).
We eat from the same little Japanese food place
and share the same table and try to think of things to say.
We got his hair washed and cut and had his full beard shaved
(he is like a much younger child in many ways
but easily grows a shaggy beard
that he proudly wears like the gold prospector he wants to be).
He doesn't like to shave nor does he like his mother's or father's help.
I tell him how handsome he looks 
and I can see his fresh faced, big toothed grin.
He doesn't complain on the way home 
and easily takes his medicine,
gets his own pajamas,
kneels for family prayer
and quickly goes to bed by himself.
I have drying racks set up in the kitchen
and the dryer is still covered under warranty.
We bought a new fridge tonight and it will get here on Friday.
The tile will be grouted tomorrow
and handles will be placed on the new french doors.
We can see some concrete amongst the snow covered driveway.
Tomorrow has to be a better day.

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Kim K. said...

Sending you extra hugs. A heart-felt post on this heart-filled day. (((((((hugs)))))))