Friday, February 17, 2012

Is it only Friday?

 This is just part of a mosaic wall in our basement
(years ago I just started making it).
The clean up crew had to knock some of it down
and we paid extra so that the construction crew 
could build a wall where a small door used to be
and to put french doors where a bigger opening was,
 right next to the smaller one.
Yes. It was a little weird.
The mosaic wasn't 100% completed before
but now I have lots to fix
and I'm looking forward to it.
 Two rugs were ruined in the flood in December
but I bought a couple more to make things more cozy.
This is one from Ikea.
If you look closer
(I don't think you can in this picture)
you would see sparkles throughout the rug.
You need some sparkle in a family room.
I love this rug.
It adds a little whimsy.
You need a little or a lot of whimsy in a family room.
We have been working at putting things back together
but I have to clean it before it gets put back.
This has been a tough week
and I am giving myself a pass on my self-imposed
new project and new recipe this week
(although, putting things back together
seems like a big project to me).
If I finally make one, then bonus.
My biggest project this week is keeping a certain kid 
alive and happy.
If I get other things done
it's all gravy.

Here are some things I loved this week:

I saw something about this on no less than three different blogs.

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Kim K. said...

You certainly have some big home renovation/construction projects on your plate. I love seeing little bits and pieces of your house. Fabulous rug. Cool mosaic.