Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweet Relief.

 I took this picture yesterday. 
Such beautiful flowers from Valentine's Day.
I took this picture because I am a dork
and I love raspberries and they looked pretty to me too.

I feel like I can breathe
a sigh of relief!
I am savoring this sweet moment.
After yet another trial of a medication with no good results,
Davis's dear Doctor called in a new prescription
 on Tuesday night in hopes to quell the voices in his head.
An old, tried and true medication.
He had a rough day at school yesterday
with desperate calls of pleas for me to pick him up early.
He tried the medicine again at 1 o'clock
and by 6 o'clock he said that
there were no more voices in his head.
I asked him, "how long has it been since you haven't heard voices?'
He replied quickly, "forever" with a sigh.
And no voices this morning 
as he excitedly took two buckets, 
a bunch of gold pans and some pay dirt
for the kids in his gold panning club
 to try their hands at panning for gold.

It was short lived.
He called me complaining about voices and being so tired.
We have every hope that he can have that sweet relief again and again.
That's what we work and pray for every day.

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Kim K. said...

Sending you loads of prayers for your sweet boy.