Thursday, February 2, 2012

I am almost done.

I made this pattern a couple of years ago
(here is the link to the post)
and made two small pillows.
One of the things I like about it is that 
you can easily use your finger and feel your way through the maze.
I keep one pillow on the window seat many months of the year.
Little Miss Sunshine has taken a liking to it and will grab it and hug it.
It really melts my heart.
I decided to make one for her for Valentine's Day.
I finished the embroidery this morning
(for the pillows two years ago
I used a satin stitch for the heart
but I thought Rian could pull at it easily
so I just used a threaded running stitch for the heart).
The paper maze I drew on Sunday for Davis at church.
He was ornery and didn't want it.
I often made them for my kids at church when they were younger.
I started making mazes when I was about 10.
It's one of the few things I can do well.
It won't get me out of a hostage situation,
make dinner easily or sing a lovely song
but it can entertain a child or teenager
(or even Jeff)
for a moment.

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