Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Which one?







I have been wanting to paint our room for a long time
and still plan on painting our room
some sort of blue/green color.
I painted that word art for a wall in our room 
just for us
(you can see that here and here).
I also want a vertical picture or piece of art 
to go on the right side of our big dresser.
A little over a year ago we were lucky and blessed enough to go to Maui. 
I thought it would be extra special to have a photo that I took
enlarged and put on canvas (or whatever they do).
I think one of these would do.
Which one would you pick?

(pictures are in random order)


Kim K. said...

I'm partial to #5 and #7. All of them are just gorgeous.

Sheyla said...

I say 6.

Britni Wing said...

#7 the composition is pretty good and you'll be happy with it in the long run.