Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's going to be a great day!

I think I'll use the first one for our room
(Jeff's choices and a popular choice---thank you!)
and use the second one for a possible future craft room.

I was thinking I needed a boost this week
it's been tough lately
and I thought it always helps to look on the bright side.
Here is a random gratitude list:

A loving husband who works hard for our family,
seems to adore me and makes me smile.
A lively bunch for a family!
A house to have even when things go wrong.
A renewed house to have fun putting back together.
Those cute little cheeks of Little Miss Sunshine.
Global warming
(just kidding but I have appreciated not having as much snow
and I know if we have a drought next year I will be sorry I said that).
Pesky but adorable pets.
This small, simple but profoundly rewarding blog of mine.
My imperfect faith in God and in his Son
and knowing they make up the difference.

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Kim K. said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful reminders.