Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garden planted, finally!

I just finished planting vegetables in my parents planter boxes (no picture taken) and our long and narrow garden (it was pre-existing and easier to keep than make a whole new one). There are a few people that can grow wonderful gardens up here where we live but it is a challenge. Jeff used our old dog run and extra fencing to complete the fence around the garden (do you know how expensive fencing can be?). It has to be that tall because we have a ton of deer up here and they love to eat plants. The boys have worked hard to get the gardens ready. I haven't ever been much of an outdoor gardener so this is really an experiment. I also used my parents planter boxes because my dad now works full time and doesn't have the energy or the time to do it himself and it's a shame to waste the garden space. I am determined. I just hope the vegetables cooperate. I now need to get some cheap tomato cages. And it's only after 12 noon!
We have many many beautiful iris's in our yard.

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Amy @ Finer Things said...

Your irises are gorgeous! I have no landscaping around my home. Really need to work on that!