Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tulips and learning to sew.

These beautiful, pink tulips are from our garden. I love how the sun catches the bottom of the vase through the glass. Magical!
I signed up for a class for next Wednesday, to learn how to sew a retro apron! We are making the one on the left. I picked out the material (with help from the most friendly sales clerk--she called me love--she wasn't even British--and I'm sure I'm older than her--how cute is that--it cracked me up), thinking I will make this sweet apron for Britni. They told me I have to cut the fabric out before I go (I am a bit nervous about that). They also told me that we will finish it the same night (I am really excited and somewhat skeptical, about that)!
There is no way on the face of this Earth I would be able to think about making this on my own. Maybe with taking more classes I can actually get better! How cool would I be if I could make another one on my own! Inconceivable!

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Bridgette Boudreaux said...

Those patterns look so cool. I'm in the market for a new apron, and it didn't occur to me to try and sew one! Thanks for the idea!