Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sun room.

I am lucky to have a sun room. There are windows everywhere and the view is amazing of the surrounding valley and mountains. We bought the futon about 12 years ago. At the time we were living in our tiny house in Florida. We had three bedrooms and each had two people sleeping in them. We knew that we wouldn't have frequent out-of-state visitors but we knew at least both our parents would come and visit us. So we bought the futon. We had a kitchen and eating area that was close to being a family room. It had plenty of room for our table and six chairs, three bar stools, and a three part bookshelf that I prayed to find and I did for $45 at a garage sale. Anyway. The futon fit nicely against a wall and when people came over we had plenty of room for people to sit on the futon or chairs at the table or counter and we gathered together, the kids played or did homework and it was cozy. When either of our parents visited they slept on the futon. There wasn't any privacy but no one complained. I loved that room. It almost reminded me of an old fashioned kitchen with a bed in it. Although, our room wasn't that crowded and the futon looked more like a couch.
No one needs to sleep on the futon anymore. But I love it more for all the many good memories we had in that small room in Florida. About 6 or more months ago, I finally replaced the tattered and beat-up cover. I love the vibrancy of this new one. I love my spacious, sunny, and relaxing sun room!
We bought these wicker chairs in Florida about 12 years ago too. I just bought fabric to cover the cushions and pinned it together. No sewing. The pillows came with the futon cover.
In the windows above these chairs you can see the reflection of the amazing mountains that surround us.
I bought some fun fabric at Joanne's and with my handy staple gun recovered these seats. I know, no awards for decorating but this room makes me happy!

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Mo said...

Looks like a lovely room to spend summer